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Arghaniaga Eka Tunggal

Founded in 2020, PT. Arghaniaga Eka Tunggal is a food trading company based in Indonesia that focuses on the export of Indonesian commodities with the highest quality.

What makes us different is our product comes first hand from our farm partners, any commodities our buyer needs we can procure in the most price-effective way.

We have a vision to become Indonesia’s major trading exporter that deliver nation-best commodities to the world and contribute to the development and prosperity of both the local farmers and the nation.

In doing so, we are committed to deliver local products through mutual partnerships with local farmers as well as creating a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

We are currently in good relations with companies, based in United Arab Emirates and India.

In 2021, we are planning to expand our business and establish partnerships with companies based in East Asia, Australia and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

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